An Urban Meeting Point Since 1987

Experience the revamped Péros, the iconic all-day destination in Athens that has become a landmark of Kolonaki square since 1987 when it was first introduced in Tsakalof street. More than 30 years later, Péros remains the top upscale hangout for Athenian socializing, adding sparkle and flavour to city life and continuing an enduring legacy.

Restaurant | Peros Kolonaki


The History of an Athenian Classic
In 1987, Periklis Korovesis, popularly known as Péros among the locals of Kolonaki, founded his Café-Restaurant in the beautiful Kolonaki square, which had already been established as the ultimate meeting point of the Athenian elite. Here, poets, actors, designers and politicians would meet under the shade of Lycabettus Hill. The reputation of Péros grew over the years and evolved into an all-time favourite urban destination for quality Greek dishes prepared with finesse and authenticity. Since then, it has been welcoming daily new and old-time friends in a cosy and classy atmosphere.
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Serving Daily the Finest Tastes
Savour delicious bites and dishes with traditional Greek and Mediterranean culinary accents and take a pleasant break from the bustling rhythm of city life. Having forged its reputation for its selection of elevated wines and market-fresh cuisine, Péros is a timeless meeting point serving exquisite, premium quality flavours.

Creative and traditional tastes prepared with the best raw materials in the kitchen of Péros make a perfect match with the cosmopolitan scenery of Kolonaki square and invite you to a dining experience that is bound to please all your senses.
All Day Cafe

Delicious Bites From Morning Till Night

Discover a destination in Kolonaki square in Athens to indulge in delectable flavours from morning till night. Here, flaky, golden croissants conspire with fluffy omelettes, scrambled and poached eggs to fuel your mornings with favourite breakfast classics, while, later in the day, you’ll find a diverse lunch and dinner crowd enjoying the delicious cuisine of Péros and soaking up the effervescent vibes of downtown Athens. From the heartwarming flavour of a classic Greek Moussaka to the elegant taste of an artfully prepared veal carpaccio, the best of traditional and modern Mediterranean cuisine awaits!

Bar | Peros Kolonaki


The Favourite Cafe- Bar of Kolonaki
A stylish and elegant establishment, Péros in Kolonaki square can be equally enjoyed for its premium coffee and beverages as for its sophisticated drinks, cocktails and clued-up wine list. It welcomes you from early in the morning to wake up the spirits with the straightforward aroma of coffee and continues to treat you to delicious sips throughout the day. Discover an all-day destination for coffee, after-work evening drinks and inspired city nights!

Fancy Events with an Athenian Twist
Péros is the quintessential spot for Athenian hobnobbing in the most upscale quarter of the city centre. It is also a top venue for parties and festive urban events. Having hosted over the years some of the most memorable nights of the Athenian high society, Péros in Kolonaki offers a perfect glimpse of the local lifestyle and the proverbial finesse of the area. The refined atmosphere of our newly renovated premises blends old-Athens glamour with modern vibes promising to add sparkle to any event.
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Location | Peros Kolonaki

The Classy Hill of Athens
Two steps from Syntagma square, Kolonaki is a swanky neighbourhood famous for its chic boutiques, fascinating museums, inspired galleries and the most clued-up scene of leisure, gastronomy and entertainment. The area is a beautiful mix of neoclassical, art deco and modernist buildings, making up the Athenians’ most polished quarter. Nestling quietly on the foot of Lycabettus Hill, where some of the most inspiring Greek and international poets, artists, politicians, and celebrities of the past century have rubbed elbows, Kolonaki invites you to explore its timeless beauty!